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When I told this story to Joni Mitchell later, I could see the disappointment flicker across her face for an instant. You can stay the same and protect the formula that gave you your initial success.

"It's got good songs on it, but it's kind of like jazz." They bought a Cheap Trick album.

So if your goals end at a platinum album or being king or queen of your idiom, when you inevitably come down from that office, you're going to be heartbroken. Here was a chance to learn, from a legitimately great artist, about a brand new idiom that I had only been flirting with before. Every year, when I've completed a project, I ask myself, "What am I going to do now? So there was this search for another one, and he played me a lot of material.

" In the process of asking myself that question, a lot of possibilities come up. Mingus was a man who generally was difficult to get close to. Charles put on this one record, and just before he played it, he said, "Now this song has smokingest thing you ever heard, with all these melodies going on together.

Then she laughed and took a long drag from her cigarette. They're going to crucify you for staying the same. So of the two options," she concluded cheerfully, "I'd rather be crucified for changing."Joni Mitchell, 36, has been living in exile from a mainstream audience for the last three years.

If you change, they're going to crucify you for changing. Her last resoundingly successful album of new material was , a landmark in poetic songwriting, performing and in the growth of an artist we had all watched mature.

When we received this album, I got on a conference call and talked with all our promotion men.

But certainly no one has expressed deep disapproval in searching for the sheet music to those holly jolly gems in preparation. The sessions continued at various locations over the next three days."If I'm censoring for anyone," she warned, "it's for my parents. That should have been a tip-off that we're into a new era . I wonder if you feel like you've beaten the odds at this point?Even the biggest pop performers usually become the victims of a fickle audience.I heard on the street that Charles was trying to contact me. When did you know that you had really made the connection with him? Immediately I felt this kind of sweet giddiness when I met him. Did you find yourself cast in the role of easing Mingus from his fear of dying? You can't do too much to assuage someone of their fears. The real difficulty for me was that the only thing I can believe is what has happened to me firsthand, what I see and feel with my own eyes. It's hard for me to take someone else's story and tell only story in a song.He tried through normal channels and never made it. They had all sorts of reasons for thinking it was an impossible or ridiculous combination. I wasn't in that personal a role that I was his comforter. Charlie assailed me with historical information about Lester Young [in whose memory "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" was written] and his family background, concerning his early playing days.

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